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We are your one stop shop for all business setup services in Dubai, We are one of the leading business setup companies in UAE providing company formation services in Dubai and UAE Free Zones, Our Dubai business setup specialists have been assisting international clients to set up their business in Dubai.

Mainland Company

Any business in Dubai must have a Business (Trade) License issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED) to operate. The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai is the government agency responsible for issuing these licenses for Dubai. The department operates from…..

Free zone Company

The concept of a “Free Zone” or “Special Economic Region” has been developed internationally as a model to help develop and promote business in many countries. There are no taxes to speak of, on or offshore, but 100% foreign ownership and customs privileges make the free zones…..

Offshore Company

Offshore companies are entities that have been filed outside of one’s country of residence. Offshore company incorporation is utilized, among other things, by those interested in asset protection and international business. We will assist you setting up an offshore company in United Arab Emirates…



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Our dedicated team of PRO’s takes pride in delivering results for most difficult cases. We provide a dedicated service to help you to reduce your management cost…..


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We offer visa services for individual and corporate clients in UAE. We can take care of entire visa process for Employment visas, Partner visas, Family visas….


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We will assist you in finding local sponsors, individuals and locally-owned businesses sponsors for the legalization of your business in Dubai UAE…….


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We can introduce our clients to open bank accounts in a number of jurisdictions however we specialize in the opening of bank accounts in Dubai…


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Contact us to register a product as UAE Government standardizes the manufacture and sale of products by requiring that all products to be registered..


Trade Mark Registration

A TRADEMARK is a unique sign that is used by an individual, business, organization or other legal entities to distinguish their products or services…


Business Setup in UAE

There are number of causes to choose to set up or incorporate business in Dubai. Now a days everyone is looking for a Business Setup in UAE. Some people want to Setup new business in Dubai Mainland company or in Dubai Free Zone and on the same way most of the international client are looking for new business setup in Dubai as a branch office or as a representative office in UAE. Business Setup in UAE is a vision of every businessmen round the globe. However, Business setup in UAE is very challenging job, as the rising economy of Dubai is appealing for competitor in the region which is creating issue for new business startups to take control. So business setup in UAE required a proper guide line to enter in a new market

In a quick look following are the options for business setup in UAE, Free zone business setup, business setup in Dubai mainland and offshore company formation. If someone want to capture the local market then Mainland company setup is the best choice, people who are in import & re-export business or want 100% ownership then they can setup a free zone company in any of UAE Free Zone as per the requirements. If someone only interested in international business or trade and look for a corporate bank account in Dubai then they should go for offshore company setup.

We being Business setup Consultants in Dubai can assist you to choose the best structure for you. We can save your time and money.

  • Business setup in Dubai can be cost effective with our advice.
  • Business set up consultants in Dubai can assist you in decision-making
  • Business consultant in Dubai can save your time & money
  • Business setup consultants in Dubai can faster the incorporation process

RIZ & MONA CONSULTANCY assist its respected clients to choose the feasible jurisdiction for setting up business in UAE by carrying the proper legal procedures. For Business Setup in UAE, Our consultants are highly qualified who can guide you for your business setup in UAE.

Why Business Setup in UAE?

UAE has the economic stability even before the foundation of the United Arab Emirates. Country is enjoying the economic stability and consistent growth over the years and become a global economic hub.

Dubai is the center part of the UAE with high reputation in growth, political stability, economic activities and low crime rate. The ability of the UAE to survive the effects of the worldwide money related emergencies shows the stability of the country.

Government took steps to attract the foreign investors to invest in the market by their open economic policies, friendly foreign investment policies, regulations for private sectors, developed infrastructures and least governmental control.

It is one of the best offshore locations to start the business due to,

  • World-class facilities for living and doing business.
  • Stable government with rapidly growing economy.
  • Dubai becomes pioneer in health, education and government sectors.
  • Expo 2020 host country title has been awarded to Dubai.
  • UAE is the business hub in MENA region.
  • Pre-defined business jurisdictions with developed infrastructures.

How to Setup Business in Dubai?

To setup a business in Dubai there are couple of core matters to be considered,

First important part is that where to start the business because UAE is having seven emirates and all have their own regulations and additional rules. The procedure for setting up business in Dubai has different rules from business setup in Abu Dhabi or in Sharjah.

Then second consideration is about the zones within the emirates for business setup. For example business setup in Dubai can be categorized among Business setup in mainland, business setup in free zone and offshore jurisdictions. It is very important to choose the right jurisdiction for your business setup. For example if you would like to do business within UAE market then Dubai mainland company setup will be suitable for your business. If you want international trade outside of UAE boundaries then free zone is suitable for international trade.

Another example is, if you would like to trade in precious metals or commodities then there are specific free zones which have develop infrastructure and helping in trading commodities.

Choosing Dubai as your business location there should be clear understanding of your business needs.

Many people think of Dubai only but along with Dubai there are other options as well. In perspective of cost there are northern free zones which can be cost efficient options for startup businesses. In UAE business setup following options are available,

03 types of offshore companies (JAFZA OFFSHORE, RAK OFFSHORE, AJMAN OFFSHORE)

36 type of free zones for business setup.

Mainland company incorporation ( Dubai Mainland, Sharjah Mainland,  Abu Dhabi Mainland)

What are the most common difficulties to setup business in UAE?

  • Selection of right type of jurisdiction.
  • Fulfilling all documentation requirements.
  • Professional qualification requirement and documentation as per the requirement.
  • UAE Bank account in Dubai

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai

Following are the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai,

  • For Dubai business setup there is no tax on gained profits of corporates.
  • There is no personal income tax to employees and business owners.
  • Audit and account reporting is not the annual requirement for UAE businesses.
  • Foreign business owner’s rights are protected by strong government policies.
  • Developed world class infrastructure of premises, roads, lands, buildings and strong corporate environment.
  • Full authority upon the business by expats and not mandatory to get the local citizen partnership in business.
  • There is full exemption in terms of corporate and personal taxes.
  • Very minimum custom duties and fees on import and exports.
  • UAE Double taxation agreements.
  • Trade agreements with many countries for free services.
  • Rapid and strong developing economy.
  • Dubai is at strategic location in UAE which makes it prime.


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