Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Dubai mainland is the preferred destination for many investors for company formation. The reason behind popularity of Dubai mainland is the freedom to do business anywhere in Dubai and UAE. But there is a complete procedure for Dubai mainland company formation. For this purpose, interested persons have to accomplish several requirements for mainland company setup in Dubai.

Mainland Business/Company Setup




Benefits of Mainland Company Registration in Dubai

  • Mainland company in Dubai enjoys 100% corporate tax exemption
  • You can operate your company from any part of UAE
  • No capital required for a local Dubai mainland license
  • Able to carry out business in Dubai mainland
  • No currency restrictions
  • Easy processing of employment visas
  • You are free to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • Mainland company registration will provide 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Hassle free legal procedures to get the license and registration in Dubai
  • Simple incorporation process to setup Mainland Company in Dubai.
  • No audit requirement in Dubai Mainland


  • Foreign company owners have to appoint local sponsors. These local sponsors hold 51% shares of company. Remaining 49% shares will be owned by company owners
  • In case of professional license, foreigners hold 100% shares of their business. But they will appoint a local service agent for their assistance
  • Minimum office space required for any company in Dubai mainland is 200 sq ft
  • Approval from DED (Department of Economic Development), DM (Dubai Municipality), MoL (Ministry of Labor), MoI (Ministry of Interior) and other related authorities are mandatory for Dubai mainland company formation

Mainland Company in Dubai which requires Special Approval:

Special approval from concerned authorities may be required for certain business activities.

  • RTA Activities
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Companies in Dubai World Communities (Trakhees)
  • Educational services
  • Travel & Tourism activities
  • Money Exchange
  • Health Care activities

RIZ & MONA services for Mainland Company formation in Dubai:

Our Services for Mainland company formation in Dubai Bottom of Formation are;

  • Mainland company formation/ Dubai L.L.C Company setup/Sole Establishment/ Professional/ Civil companies/ Commercial & Industrial License registration in Mainland Dubai – UAE.
  • Trade License issuing from DED, Chamber of Commerce registration & Lease Agreements assistance.
  • Introducing reliable UAE National for Sponsorship (Local Partner or Service Agent)
  • Labor card /Immigration/ Establishment Card Processing.
  • Providing PRO Services for all Visa Processing (investors or employment), medical, Stamping & Renewals.
  • Typing of MOA/ Translation Services of all Legal Documents / Dubai Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Justice Notary in Dubai
  • Company Incorporation, License Renewal in Dubai & Company Liquidation Services
  • Assistance in Bank account opening in Dubai for Commercial Accounts.


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good job.

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Rated 5 out of 5
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These outstanding service providers gave us free consultancy for our initiative in mainland Dubai

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Dubai Mainland Company Startup

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June 29, 2021

Riz and Mona consultancy has all kinds buisness help available there. team is technically well qualified for advise for startup company in Dubai Mainland . one of the best firms that i have worked with.

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June 25, 2021

We would like to give a hugh thumbs up to the brilliant and professional services RIZMONA has provided in order to form my company in Mainland Dubai. They did all the work for me while I ate grapes at home lol. Their team managed stuff with minimum fuss. What else I could possibly want? 😉


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def worth the time chargers.

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We are very inspired by your readiness, friendliness and swift responsiveness. Riz & Mona is the top notch service proving agency and as far as we are concerned as clients, you have set a benchmark for customer care like none out there.

Dylan savio


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This company is all you need to do any business activity in Dubai Mainland or anywhere in the UAE. Their top notch advisors will help you guide about even minor details and you will receive quick updates and punctual feed back periodically.


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rizmona is too good for all the servces they provide.

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doing business has never been this easier in the mainland, RIZ and MONA is the sort of agency that understands sophistication in work and results . .

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June 1, 2021

Rating them 5 stars for their timely responses during the work.


best Agency

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May 29, 2021

Outstanding amongst other business specialists companies in DUBAI MAINLAND. they have commited team of business specialists to deal with your business questions and ideas. I reached them to get approval for my business permit. Process was completed within the given time spam.
Happy by their managment and how they treated me as their client. rizmona is for those individuals who need the best business direction to run their business in the Mainland.

joseph AJ


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May 20, 2021

The services this organization provide for mainland company startup are important, I was not aware of the process entirely and lacked proper knowledge. They firstly educated about the process and then we started working on the formation of company, one step at a time. Had a fine experience.

Steve Heart

Fabulous Work

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East or west RizMona business consultancy is the best 🙂

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Too Good.

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I have nothing else to say except they are the best.

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Mainland Company

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Riz and Mona business consultancy is consistent I never had problem working with them.

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I can vouch for this consultancy company.

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If you want to startup your very own business in Dubai Mainland, you better not waste any time and contact RizMona.

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I made a wise choice collaborating with their team. RizMona did good consultancy.

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Best Business Consultants in Dubai

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RizMona Consultancy is one of a kind. It has no competition when it comes to deliverance.

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Dubai Mainland Company Formation

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I am 100% satisfied by their business experts.

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